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Don't miss Russ Roberts and Milton Friedman in Parts I and II of their recent EconTalk podcast, and David Ranson on Inflation in the CEE.

Reflections from Latin America

Bolívar: 200 Years Of Failure?
Ibsen Martinez

Ibsen MartinezJohn Lynch's superb biography of Simón Bolívar is no doubt a major achievement, a key book for anyone who wishes to make any sense of where many independent Latin American nations stemmed from and what they have made of themselves....

Reflections from Europe

The Yakoubovich Syndrome, or Lies, Damn Lies and Economic Policy
Anthony de Jasay

Anthony de JasayInjecting purchasing power by ratcheting up wages to revive a sluggish economy, soaking the rich to help the poor, and giving aid to 'developing' countries to reduce the flows of illegal immigration to the developed world, are false promises that sound nice enough to be believed....

Birthdays and Commemorations

Upcoming birthdays and commemorative anniversaries of great economists and others:
August 30 - September 20

Quote of the Day

Arnold Kling Bryan Caplan Arnold Kling and Bryan Caplan on issues and insights in economics

Envy, Happiness, and Social Policy (Arnold Kling, 2006-09-02)
Brad DeLong serves, I'm enough of a touchy-feey sociology-lover to believe that a good chunk of the utility the rich...

Freeze - Statistics Police! (Bryan Caplan, 2006-09-02)
Heard of the study that finds that beautiful women have more girls and intelligent men have more boys? Andrew Gelman...

Beyond Irrational--The Hinckley Effect (Bryan Caplan, 2006-09-01)
The most intriguing part of Steve Slivinski's Buck Wild is his section on the "Hinckley Effect." I've known about failed...

The Panel on Crisis of Abundance (Arnold Kling, 2006-09-01)
The video from the live event where a panel discussed my book is here. I am reasonably happy with my...

Lifespan and Heritability (Arnold Kling, 2006-08-31)
This gets my vote for most important research finding of the year (my emphasis): “How tall your parents are compared...

Health Care and Cost-Effectiveness (Arnold Kling, 2006-08-31)
The New York Times reports on a recent paper by Harvard's David Cutler and two co-authors. The study calculated, however,...


Featured Article

An Interview with Milton Friedman.
Podcast Transcript. Milton Friedman and Russ Roberts

Features Editor Russell Roberts recently sat down with Milton Friedman, a few days before his 94th birthday, to discuss the impact of two of his most important contributions to economics and liberty: A Monetary History of the United States, 1867-1960 [co-written] with Anna Schwartz, and Capitalism and Freedom.

They discuss the role of the Federal Reserve from the Great Depression through today and what the future might hold for inflation. Turning to the principles and policy issues and Capitalism and Freedom, they discuss the success (and failure) of the policy proposals that Friedman advocated in the book. The wide-ranging conversation looks at everything from sugar quotas to the social responsibility of business. Along the way, Friedman reminisces about his dual career as professional economist and public intellectual.

You can listen to the actual conversation here:

More Articles

Bend It Like (Yogi) Berra
by Allen R. Sanderson

Soccer's World Cup finished recently and the average citizen of the world, as usual, was much more enthralled along the way than the average American. In this month's feature essay, the University of Chicago's Allen Sanderson uses the lens of an economist and sports fan to take a whimsical and informative look at why the rest of the world likes soccer so much more than Americans do. You can find it here.

More on the economics of sports:

Rent-Seek and You Will Find
Michael Munger

Mike MungerIn this month's feature essay, Mike Munger of Duke University looks at the dark side of government largesse—when the government hands out money in a bidding process to avoid the taint of corruption, people's scarce time and lots of other valuable resources can get burned up at a frightful rate. It turns out that competition in the political sphere is not always beneficial.

See also the related EconTalk podcast.

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